Logo Facelifts

Before and after

Corporate 2 Kidz

While updating this website, I suggested a refreshed logo as the old was outdated and not on par with the beautiful custom business.

SP Events Sydney

The original font was too ornate and difficult to read at first glance, the new sleek logo matches the brand message perfectly.

More Than

A couple new fonts, keeping the same circle design (with a tweak or two) refreshed this entire brand. 

Babee Bump & Beyond

Not all logos require starting from scratch, sometimes they need to just be modernized.

Vivid Hair & Beauty

This logo was only in one file type and old school fonts, it only required a refresh of the fonts and more current file formats.

A.R. Grosjean - Author

Just a quick refresh, taking on board the idea of a cloud and pen but in a more modern format.